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Sildenafil Citrate 100mg


sildenafil citrate 100mg

Efficiency and shipping estimation sildenafil citrate 100mg Cialis at patients with a chronic prostatitis (HP) and erectile dysfunction (ED) was the purpose of our research. 34 patients are included In research with HP. Middle age of patients has made 43±15,7 years. An age range - from 29 till 58 years. The prescription of disease varied from 2 till 12 years. In the anamnesis at 1 patient - a myocardial infarction, at 5 - hypertensive illness, at 2 - a diabetes.

All patient carries following investigation: the collecting of complaints, the anamnesis, the objective research including survey, manual rectal research, a smear from an urethra, microscopical research of the secret of a prostate native and painted on Gram, bacteriological research separated from an urethra, a prostate secret. Besides, the US of kidneys, TRUS prostates, seed blisters is spent.

The diagnosis bacteriemic HP is verified at 19 (55,9 %) patients on the basis of bacteriological research of a secret of a prostate: at 9 patients it is allocated E.coli, at 4 - S. Aureus, at 4 - P mirabilis, and at 2 - P Vulgaris. At 15 (44,1 %) patients at repeated bacteriological research of a secret of a prostate an infection not was the diagnosis abacterial HP is taped and established. Erectile dysfunction it is verified on the basis the international index of erectile function (ICEF). Erectile dysfunction serious degree it is ascertained at 4 (11,8 %) patients, moderate severity level at 26 (76,4 %) patients, easy ED - at 4 (11,8 %) patients.


Treatment of patients HP is spent by the standard technique including etiotropic antibacterial, antiinflammatory, pathogenetic therapy. The treatment complex included prostate massage, low-intensity laserotherapy, a magnetotherapy.

In 2 weeks after initiation of treatment HP has been prescribed generic viagra in a dose of 50-100 mg 1-2 times a week. All patients have transferred treatment sildenafil citrate 100mg well. Two patients have noted face reddening, at two person there was a headache. Erection improvement is established at 30 (88,2 %) patients: at all patients with easy ED, at 25 (96,2 %) - with average gravity ED and at 1 (25 %) - with serious ED. Four patients (3 initially serious ED and 1 - with ED moderately severe) have not noted positive influence sildenafil on erection. At 19 (55,9 %) patients there was a psychological comfort and self-trust, and a month later after treatment they have refused the further reception of a preparation. At 15 (44,1 %) patients the augmentation of duration of sexual intercourse at 5-7 minutes is noted.

Thus, sildenafil citrate 100mg is highly effective and well transferable agent of treatment ED at patients with a chronic prostatitis.